Posted by: commonsresource | February 22, 2012

I’m back – redux!

Jordan Furlong’s pingback from his Law21 Rebundling the law firm post earlier today kindly and gently stirred me from my “Rip Van Winkle”-like blog slumber.  After reading my last three posts and wincing at the rusty dates (stretching way back to December, November, and August of 2010!), I am making a “somewhat clumsy and sheepish” Groundhog Day re-re-entry to this world.  While I was once again tempted to offer up some colourful and creative excuses for my most recent prolonged absence (abduction by aliens remains a favourite), the simple truth is that the last year and several months have continued to be a time of considerable professional (and personal) change and challenge.  In particular, I very recently wrapped up version 2.0 of my in-house counsel career and I am in the process of launching version 3.0 of my law firm career and returning to my n2one inc. start-up.

The last several weeks have been a time of great sadness as I said goodbye to many new and old friends and amazing colleagues at the wonderful technology company which so kindly welcomed me a year and a half ago.  Yet I have found great comfort in the quote, used in my farewell email, from Miranda in Peter Weir’s iconic Picnic at Hanging Rock film – “everything begins and ends at the exactly the right time and place”.  It is a time of great excitement for me to re-engage with the wider Ottawa (and global) hi tech community and I hope that my blog can be a way for me to give back, keep in touch, and say thank you.

I’m back once again yet again!  (And I am so very very glad to be back.)


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