Posted by: commonsresource | November 26, 2010

I’m back!

It has been almost three months since my last post and this is my somewhat clumsy and sheepish re-entry to this world.  While I spent time dreaming up colourful excuses for my absence (my current favourite is that I was abducted by aliens), the simple truth is that the last 86 days have been a time of considerable professional (and personal) change.  In particular, I wrapped up version 2.0 of my law firm career and returned to my corporate roots in version 2.0 of my in-house counsel career.

While it has been a time of great excitement, it has also been a time of great sadness.  I said farewell to a law firm which so kindly welcomed me back some three years ago and to my new and old friends both there and in the wider Ottawa hi tech community.  I hope that my return to my blog can be a way to both keep in touch and to say a simple thank you by giving back.

I’m back!  (And I am glad to be back.)


  1. Welcome back Thomas! All the best in version 2.0 of your in-house counsel career! Looking forward to reading your posts to keep me updated on the developments in the OSS world.

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