Posted by: commonsresource | August 13, 2010

Great grades for entersource? – 98 percent of enterprises using open source

At this point in August, I am being bombarded by back to school promotions (although my daughter is still managing to exercise a healthy degree of denial!)  So it is a rather odd time to also be coming across a number of Open Source Software “report cards” for the enterprise.  These include the Accenture report discussed in my He shoots, he scores! – open source, “entersource” & hockey blog post from last week and the latest one from Zenoss discussed in Dave Rosenberg’s Survey: 98 percent of enterprises using open source post on CNET’s Software, Interrupted blog.

The Zenoss report, which was based on “A nearly 4-year-long survey of open-source systems management usage …. showed that 98 percent of the respondents said they used open-source software in their enterprises.”  I encourage you to review Dave’s excellent summary of the report as well as the report and downloadable survey itself.  It seems to me that open source software is well on its way to the top of the class in the enterprise and I am expecting that entersource will be picking up a lot of the awards this year.  And while some of the commercial software vendors may be day-dreaming in the same summer denial as my daughter, the bell for the first day of school will surely ring soon.

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