Posted by: commonsresource | August 11, 2010

CommonsKnowledge™ – Bringing clarity to the complexity of open source software licensing™

As I was preparing for my CommonsKnowledge™ talk for Saturday’s Open Source Technology showcase – SC2010, I was very pleased to see my TweetDeck buzzing about Joab Jackson’s Computerworld post entitled  Linux Foundation offers open source compliance checklist. The Open Compliance Program is a “new, mostly free, assistance program just launched by the non-profit Linux Foundation….[which] includes an assessment checklist, training programs and software tools to monitor open source software usage.”

While the announced offering will not go as far as n2one inc.’s “mostly not free!”  service offering, it is yet another sign of the growing importance of open source software, entersource, and the commons sourcing movement. In particular, it illustrates that challenge of delivering reliable information and guidance to the diverse and growing open source software user base.  As Jim Zemlin (executive director of The Linux Foundation) points out

Managing open source license compliance is complicated….What we were looking for is [a way] to solve this complexity and to prevent needless lawsuits [since] our community has the exact same goal that the industry has, to make using open source as low-cost and as easy as possible.

I applaud the Linux Foundation for its initiative and thank “Adobe, Advanced Micro Devices, Cisco Systems, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Novell, Samsung, the Software Freedom Law Center and Sony Electronics” for endorsing this program.  I look forward to complementing its program with my upcoming CommonsKnowledge™ Open Source Software Edition™ offering by Bringing clarity to the complexity of open source software licensing™ .


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