Posted by: commonsresource | August 3, 2010

Reflections from the edge of the network – open thoughts on my open source & commons sourcing blog

I’m now back in the land of WordPress and Twitter after spending almost 2 1/2 weeks at the edge of (and largely off of) the network.  This wonderful “unplugged” time surrounded by family, friends, nature, books, and solitude afforded me some time to relax and to reflect on my past social media months and this blog in particular.

When I kicked off my commons re:source blog earlier this year, my goal was to combine a repository of useful links with thoughtful commentary and breaking news on open source software and other commons sourcing trends and developments. While I feel that my efforts have largely advanced that goal, I realize that I have been a bit light on the  “thoughtful commentary” and “useful links” fronts.  I also recognize that I have not done a very good job of asking questions and inviting comments and commentary from my readers.

So as I return to my blogging post, I do so with a renewed commitment to commentary, links, and questions. To start,

  • How am I doing with this blog?
  • What can I do (or not do!) to make it better?

Many thanks,


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