Posted by: commonsresource | July 13, 2010

Today’s Forecast: Open Source is Hot in the Smart Grid

In the midst of this long run of hot and humid weather, I am both rather happy to have air-conditioning and very concerned about the stress that it places on the power grid.   Given my true AC ambivalence, it was timely to come across Jeff St. John’s Report: An Open Source Smart Grid Primer post on GigaOM Pro. While I have not subscribed (or activated my 7 day free trial!), I find the listed Table of Contents and Jeff’s following summary pretty intriguing:

The smart grid a massive shift as utilities move from the existing world of proprietary, standards-based legacy technologies and towards an architecture that will require a much greater degree of interoperability and use of open standards. Despite barriers currently prevent widespread adoption, the fact that it is possible at all to apply open source models is a testament to how far the utility industry has come in the past few years.

By all accounts, it is clear that open source software and commons sourcing will be key enablers in the evolution and deployment of the Smart Grid.  As I look forward to cooler and dryer days ahead, I am very confident in today’s forecast that open source is (and will be) hot in the Smart Grid!

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