Posted by: commonsresource | July 7, 2010

More coffee please! – Cafe Luna’s Open Source Coffee Shop Journey

Perhaps it is due, in part, to my fatigue after a long commute and a busy day, but I found the Cafe Luna | An Open Source Coffee Shop? post  from Monday pretty interesting. Tom Berger begins by stating that

Back in the good old days when I used to write software for a living (was it really only a month ago?), I learned one very important principle: openness matters. Doing things in the open meant more than just giving them away. It was a way to connect with people and build a community, an insurance policy against neglecting lurking problems, a way to keep the product of your work alive for posterity, so that if it’s any good at all it can benefit others in the future.

Tom goes on to announce that he and his “collaborators” will be launching an open source coffee shop later this month in North London which will hopefully  provide the answer to this question:

If software is best done in the open, could it be that setting up a coffee shop can benefit from that approach just as much?

I wish them all the best in their journey and look forward to following their shared experiences on their blog. And with the long evening of work that awaits me, I also really look forward to more coffee please!

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