Posted by: commonsresource | July 6, 2010

NeighborGoods Watch – The commons source sharing of stuff

Returning to my Commons Sourcing in a World of Stuff theme from last month, I want to flag M.G. Siegler’s NeighborGoods Extends The Sharing Of Actual Things To The National Level post on TechCrunch. His post leads off with the following explanation of the California NeighborGoods sharing service concept:

As a refresher on the idea behind it, say you have something sort of expensive you bought but don’t use all that often. For example, a vacuum cleaner. Most of the time it just sits there, unused. But what if you could let someone else around you borrow it, or even rent it for a day? That’s what NeighborGoods facilitates.

MG continues his post by explaining the monetization model for the service (a small verification process fee) and providing both a video link and the following CrunchBase company profile on this bootstrapped startup:

NeighborGoods is a service to allow you to share physical items with other people in your area. There is a directory of stuff being shared, as well as the ability to create a wishlist for things you want. Sharing is as easy as clicking a button, filling out a pick-up and drop-off time, and sending it to the item owner to approve.

As a former prairie farm-boy with a strong community ethos, I find the NeighborGoods business concept very intriguing.  I only wonder if the sharing service would help me keep track of my rarely seen, typically borrowed, and heavily used community wheelbarrow!

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