Posted by: commonsresource | June 29, 2010

June 28th all over again – More on Open Source Business Models

The reason for the first part of this post’s title is the discovery that my office calendar has two June 28’s!  Perhaps it is therefor fitting to come across a very interesting CIO article by Peter Wayner that puts forward “8 business models for balancing openness with revenue” instead of the 5 that I discussed in my much discussed OSBR article on open source software business models (that has just been “frozen” for publication).

Peter’s Profiting From Open Source — Without Selling Out article sets out the following open source business models:

1: Work with friends [entersource-v1]

2: Work with colleagues [entersource-v2]

3: Sell documentation

4: Sell support [service model]

5: Sell hardware

6: Don’t sell software [entersource-v3]

7: Sell FUD [dual-license]

8: Cripple your product [open core]

While I will leave it to you to read Peter’s article (and his explanations of each model and title!), I was happy to see that 4 of my categories [in square brackets above] map fairly well to 6 of his models.  While I note that Peter does not cover the “hybrid model” that is covered in my upcoming article, I readily admit that I failed to include two of the business models on his list.  But perhaps that is not too bad for my second June 28th!

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