Posted by: commonsresource | June 23, 2010

Entersource Strikes Back – enterprise apps, open source & commons sourcing

Early this month, there was a Savio Rodrigues post on his InfoWorld Open Sources blog entitled When you should open-source your internal apps. Savio begins by citing a blog post by Stephen O’Grady (a RedMonk analyst) in which Stephen stated that

you [an Enterprise IT department] should invest application development resources only in applications that differentiate your business from your competitors, and rely on open-sourcing and permissive licensing to extend your reach and your development dollars.

After agreeing with Stephen’s position, Savio goes on explore several of the opportunities as well as the barriers and risks of this commons sourcing approach to enterprise applications. Of particular interest is his observation that by “developing an application in house and then open-sourcing it” your company may, if fortunate, be able to get its competitors to “contribute to evolving the application” thereby spreading “the development costs over multiple companies”.

Since Savio’s analysis dovetails nicely with my “Entersource” – beam us up post back in March with its emphasis on the power of “collaborative development” and commons sourcing, I decided to go with my title above. In the words of Michael Skok (North Bridge Venture Partners) “enterprise developers are collaborating across company boundaries to develop components that can be shared under open licenses” through the emergence of “entersource”.

I agree with the first part of Savio’s subtile that “It may feel like heresy”. I also agree with the other part that “there’s sometimes a strong case to be made to share your internal innovation with competitors”. At the great peril of mixing Star Trek and Star Wars allusions in a single post, the Entersource Strikes Back!


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