Posted by: commonsresource | June 22, 2010

Just One More Thing – Commons Sourcing, Open Source, & the “Internet of Things”

On Thursday, I will be attending an OCRI Technology Executive Breakfast talk by Evan Hansen, Editor-in-Chief, entitled “Data Everywhere: What the “Internet of Things” Means for Business”. The stated focus of his talk  is on “current trends and promising applications, who’s building them, and show how some companies are taking advantage of the Internet of Things today”. This topic was also touched in last week’s MEPs want an ‘Internet of things’ post by Edward Berridge in the Inquirer (which was flagged in a somewhat caustic tweet by Glyn Moody which asked “shouldn’t they understand the other Internet first?”)

While I really look forward to Evan’s overview, I am particularly interested in the power of commons sourcing in the world of things  (or stuff!)  – a theme explored in my Commons Sourcing in a World of Stuff post. Today’s example is courtesy of  Alan Shimel’s Just One Word . . . Plastics post in his Open Source Fact and Fiction blog on Network World’s Open Source Subnet. In his post, Alan describes how NatureWorks which “is hoping to replace petroleum based plastic with bio based resins” is “going one better” by “open sourcing both the formulation and compounding procedure for their green bio based plastic substitute”.

While Alan wisely asks the “monetization” question in connection with the NatureWorks business approach, it is great to see yet another example of commons sourcing in action.   While it may, in the words of detective Columbo, be “just one more thing”, it demonstrates the power that commons sourcing and open source can bring to the “Internet of Things”.

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