Posted by: commonsresource | June 7, 2010

Pay it Forward – Ciena releases DRAC to open source community

As a former Nortel lawyer, I am asked from time to time to notarize documents either in connection with the ongoing Nortel “diaspora” or for some of the new tenants at the recently renamed Carling Place.  After a recent visit to notarize a letter for a Ciena employee, I was very pleased to see the following Ciena press release on my TweetDeck:  Ciena’s Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller Released As Open Source Software.

While the press release is somewhat technical, I think that the following extract speaks for itself:

the company’s Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (DRAC), intelligent middleware for provisioning dynamic on-demand lightpaths across different networks has been released as open source software. By publicly publishing the source code, individuals and organizations in the research and education community can collaboratively contribute and evolve the software to support the advanced networking requirements of scientific researchers worldwide.

While I am still chasing my elusive long-term goal as a reward for my notarial efforts to date,  I am pleased to have had the opportunity to assist Ciena.  I am also extremely pleased to see Ciena “play it forward” by giving DRAC (and giving back!) to the open source world.

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