Posted by: commonsresource | May 28, 2010

Party On! pt. 5 – WebM & patents

As I head off to attend my 25th law school reunion this weekend, I am in a festive mood. Having curtailed my party spirit last weekend with the WebM open source and patent breaking news, I was pleased to read yesterday’s’s Webmonkey blog post by Michael Calore entitled VP8 Could Become a Standard in HTML5. After noting that Mozilla is actively lobbying the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to have VP8 added to the HTML5 specification, Michael provides the following context:

For its part, the W3C is anxious to arrive at a standard recommendation for a single native web video solution. The consortium has a policy that any technology it recommends adheres to its own royalty-free patent policy. The WebM project, the group behind VP8, is confident the codec does not infringe on any patents. One of the promises of HTML5 is that, once finalized, it will allow developers to embed videos in web pages so people can view them without the use of plug-ins like Silverlight and Flash.

While this initiative is far from a “shoo-in” for reasons that are well articulated in today’s Stephen Shankland’s Mozilla trying to build VP8 into HTML5 video post on CNET’S DeepTech blog, this development has buoyed my spirits as I head off to my celebration.  Party On WebM!


  1. […] H.264 Standard Permanently Royalty-Free post on MacRumors.  Having explored this area in my Party On – WebM & patents series of posts, I fully endorse the caution on Sean Hollister’s MPEG-LA makes H.264 video […]

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