Posted by: commonsresource | May 27, 2010

MicrOSoft pt. 9 – open source Outlook PST tools released

I came across a couple of posts yesterday on Microsoft and its recently released open source tools for the Outlook PST proprietary format. The first was a post on The H Open Source site entitled Microsoft release open source Outlook PST tools. According to the post, Microsoft “announced two open source projects which are designed to allow developers work with Outlook’s PST file format.”

The second was a related post entitled Outlook lock-in could vanish with new open source projects on the FEEDSETsite.  According to the FEEDSETt post,

PST files represent a big hurdle for anyone wanting to switch away from Outlook. There are many millions of gigabytes of mail stored in PSTs, but no robust way to access them from anything that isn’t Outlook. With many people unwilling to give up massive e-mail archives, they’re left with no option but to stick with Microsoft’s e-mail client.

Though the core Office document formats are now XML-based open standards, alleviating such lock-in issues, Outlook has continued to use a complex database format for storing mail, making interoperability difficult. With the documentation and these software projects, the days of being locked into Outlook could be coming to an end.

Thank you MicrOSoft for yet another great open source software move.


  1. […] the other hand we have Microsoft (discussed in my nine part MicrOSoft series of posts) which is being consistently slammed for conduct and contributions to the open source community […]

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