Posted by: commonsresource | May 24, 2010

Party Off? pt. 3– WebM & patents

It’s the Victoria Day long weekend here in Ottawa which for most people is the unofficial launch of summer with cottage opening, gardening, and lots of partying! Notwithstanding the festive spirits and an ice-cold bottle of Steam Whistle in hand, I am not in party mode.  In fact, I have not felt much like partying since reading John Paczkowski’s MPEG-LA Considering Patent Pool for VP8/WebM post last week (and the now 38 related comments) on his Digital Daily blog on the All Things Digital site. In his post, John quotes from his email exchange with Larry Horn, the CEO of MPEG LA, and concludes that “It would seem, then, that VP8 may end up subject to the same licensing issues as H.264. If MPEG LA does create a patent pool license for the standard, the free lunch Google promised yesterday may not be free after all.”

No free lunch?  No free beer? Looks like the WebM open source & open standard party may be off after all!

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