Posted by: commonsresource | May 12, 2010

I’ll drink to that – open source water filter brings clean water to the world

I came across the following curious tweet by #EcoInteractive earlier today:

Clay + Coffee Grounds + Cow Dung = Open Source Water Filters

Not surprisingly, I quickly clicked on the link which took me to Derek Markham’s post with that title on the blue living ideas site. According to this 2005 press release, the filters are based on innovative technology developed by Tony Flynn, a materials scientist at The Australian National University. According to Mr. Flynn,“We are deliberately not patenting this technology in the hope that it will be used widely around the world. A simple water filter really does have the capacity to save many lives in the developing world.”

While the formal open source dimension is not obvious from Derek’s post and is mostly hinted at on the Abundant Water site, it is exciting to see commons sourcing continuing to play a part in making the world a better play. It is fitting to repeat Aaron Saenz’s quote from yesterday’s post that “the open paradigm is changing the way the world works.” I’ll drink to that!

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