Posted by: commonsresource | May 11, 2010

Open the bank – business booms in open source hardware

I found yesterday’s Singularity Hub post by Aaron Saenz on 13 Open Source Hardware Companies Making $1 Million or More (video) to be of great interest. While his post reminded me of the delightful quote from the Wired article on open source hardware that “sometimes there is a thin line between open source and insanity” , it is exciting to see so many companies making good money in the  OSH space.

While you should definitely take in the informative and humorous five-minute presentation on the thirteen companies by Phillip Torrone and Limor Fried from Adafruit Industries, I would also encourage you to read Aaron’s post.  As a proponent of commons sourcing, I particularly like the following extract:

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, the open paradigm is changing the way the world works. Small businesses (and larger ones) are seeing that profits and sharing can go hand in hand.

I, for one, do not consider Aaron observation to be hyperbolic at all – open source hardware is yet another example of how commons sourcing offers a proven and profitable business model that can be taken to the bank!


  1. […] a part in making the world a better play. It is fitting to repeat Aaron Saenz’s quote from yesterday’s post that “the open paradigm is changing the way the world works.” I’ll drink to that! […]

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