Posted by: commonsresource | April 30, 2010

Open call to Winnipeg Jets fans – protecting community interests in open source projects

ZDNet’s Linux and Open Source blog has another great post today by Dana Blankenhorn entitled Open Source communities must protect their interests. After citing the mySQL fork arising from Oracle’s purchase of Sun as an example, he puts forward that truism that “The interests of open source communities and the corporations that control a project are not always the same.”

Dana goes on to use an intriguing sports analogy to advance a powerful argument in support of his assertion that “the user community of every open source project needs to protect its interests and keep itself organized, separate and apart from any commercial interest exploiting the code for profit”.  I feel that the following passage from his post puts the issue extremely well:

For a corporation an open source project is just another puzzle piece, just another move on its board. It’s an asset. For a community, the project is more. It’s where you put your time, your loyalty. It may be where you put your love.

Thanks, Dana, for your thought provoking post. Now its back to the Stanley Cup playoffs notwithstanding the absence of the Ottawa Senators or my beloved Winnipeg Jets!

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