Posted by: commonsresource | April 20, 2010

Big Blue pt. 3 – the Watch continues

Intellectual Property Watch posted an article earlier today by Catherine Saez entitled Open Source Company Alleges IBM Antitrust; IBM Requests Analysis. In her article, Catherine provides both a thorough and balanced analysis of the current situation and an insightful historical  survey.  Of particular note is her quote from the IBM statement that was set to Intellectual Property Watch that I have reproduced below:

“If TurboHercules is a qualified member of the open source community and complies with the provisions of the pledge, IBM would not assert any legal rights to the two pledged patents against TurboHercules,”

Since I find that Catherine’s Update already provides a couple of helpful links to the debate surrounding TurboHercules’ status, I do not feel the need to enter into this discussion.  And while I remain suspicious that the IBM statement is, to some extent, an after the fact rationalization, I am now comfortable to wait and see and I thank Catherine and others for keeping the watch!


  1. […] of IBM, we can look at its interaction with TurboHercules which I have discussed in my three part Big Blue series of posts. What is more striking than the conduct of IBM is the extent to which members of the open source […]

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