Posted by: commonsresource | April 15, 2010

Open book on U.S Federal Agency Open Government plans

Earlier this week, I came across a tweet for a very informative post by Gunnar Hellekson (Lead Architect, Red Hat Government) on the govfresh – open air government website.  Gunnar’s Open source headlines from the Open Government plans post provides an overview of the U.S. federal agency plans filed in response to the Obama Administration’s Open Government Directive with a particular focus on the use of open source software.

In Gunnar’s words, these agency plans represent “a bewildering number of initiatives to improve transparency, collaboration, and participation across the Government”  “which run from exciting to comical to mundane”.    I would like to thank Gunnar for providing us with this very concise and readable snapshot on U.S. federal government agency adoption of open source software and commons sourcing.   I remain confident that open source software, part of the O3 combination of open source, open data, and open standards touched on in my Cloudy with a chance of… post back in February, will be a key pillar of the accelerating open government  movement.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!


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