Posted by: commonsresource | April 9, 2010

MicrOSoft pt. 6 – Home Home on the [Open Source] Range

One of my fond memories from my prairie childhood was hearing my father sing the “Home Home on the Range” song.  This tune came to mind as I was reading Alan Shimel’s delightfully creative and very informative “Microsoft’s Open Source Cowboy Takes the Reins of CoApp” post on his Network World Open Source Fact and Fiction blog.   After providing background on Garret Serack of Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center and an overview of Garret’s CoApp open source software project, Alan makes the following observation:

“Hey, I think this is a very ambitious project and wish Garret God’s speed in tackling it. Regardless though, there is a bigger message here.  Microsoft is indeed serious about open source. They are putting real resources behind this effort in a very public manner. Just as in the security world we stopped joking about Microsoft and security being an oxymoron some time ago, the time is rapidly approaching where Microsoft and open source could go perfect together.”

Yes, while this open source software lawyer is still surprised to say so, the day may soon be at hand when Microsoft is truly at home on the open source range!

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