Posted by: commonsresource | April 6, 2010

MicrOSoft pt. 5 – Open about becoming open?

I have been reading a series of blog posts about Microsoft’s failure to update its products to support the Strict (as contrasted with the Transitional) variant of its OOXML open standard format that was approved by ISO on April 2, 2008. While Glyn Moody (and his counterparts) put forward a pretty powerful case against Microsoft (and its continued use of “proprietary formats”) in his ComputerworldUK blog post last week entitled “Microsoft’s Gift to Open Standards“, I am more interested in focusing your attention on today’s response by Microsoft set out in Doug Mahugh’s Office Interoperability blog post entitled “Office’s Support for ISO/IEC 29500 Strict“.   Since I will not pretend to understand much of the technical detail in the post, I will simply echo Glyn’s recent tweet “Microsoft responds. short version: full support for Strict in Office 15” as a succinct summary of the post.  But what is most striking to me is the fact that Microsoft’s is openly addressing the issue in great detail and making clear product committments.  In short, I am struck at Microsoft’s willingness to be open about becoming open.


  1. Yes, that’s a good point. I think Microsoft certainly deserves credit for that, but it’s also a reflection of the power of the idea of openness today: it’s increasingly hard to defend a non-open position.

    And it’s not just Microsoft that is feeling this irresistible force: governments around the world are also coming out with a range of initiatives that are in response to the assumption of openness as the default.

  2. […] Glyn Moody commented in response to my MicrOSoft pt. 5 – Open about becoming open? post in early April “I think Microsoft certainly deserves credit for that, but it’s also a […]

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