Posted by: commonsresource | March 25, 2010

Taking care of business

GlobalThoughtz Research (by InRev Systems Bangalore Pvt. Ltd.) posted an insightful article earlier this week entitled “How successful are the Open source business models?”  In their article, they highlight the declining popularity of the dual-licensing approach with open source software vendors  (from 20% to 5% in a couple of years).  They also point out the emergence and evolution of new open source business strategies such as “open core” in which “there is a core open source project for which the vendor supplies proprietary extensions.”  As an open source lawyer, I have certainly witnessed these trends.

Of particular note is the quoted observation by Matt Aslett  “that it is now more difficult to actually isolate and identify all of the vendors that have an open source business strategy. More vendors than ever are now using open source at different points in their process and applications and usage is not limited to pure-play open source vendors.”  Since the core challenge of most open source and other commons sourcing models is making money,  the article wisely concludes that “vendors surely have their task cut out” as they take care of business.

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