Posted by: commonsresource | March 23, 2010

A chart is worth a Terabyte of data!

After a month at this blogging thing, it is time to circle back to the commons sourcing theme.  In keeping with the blawg title (which I attribute to Daniel Waisberg), I want to point out this excellent Open Source Open World chart on the Focus website.  The Focus editors provide the following introduction to the chart:

“Open source is a concept of free sharing of technical information that has been around for much longer than most of us would imagine. When we think of open source today, we usually think of software. As wonderful and widely used as open source software is, according to Linus Torvalds, “the future is open source everything.” From foods and beverages to scientific and health research studies and advanced technological innovations, the world has turned to open source.”

As an open source software lawyer, I have seen this trend emerging over many years and have often commented that open source software is most interesting when it is seen as the lead manifestation of a broader phenomenon which I have called “commons sourcing”.  We see this trend reflected in Open Source Society, Open Source Business, and Open Source Markets (such as open source hardware) sections of the charts.

On this one month anniversary of the commons re:source blog, let us toast the creators of this excellent chart and the commons sourcing theme as the bytes of data continue to compile in this blawg!

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