Posted by: commonsresource | March 22, 2010

It’s almost lunch time

A tweet from #openhardware just brought Open Source Farming to my attention.  Given my prairie farm boy roots, my blog header photograph, the commons sourcing theme, and my hungry tummy, I have simply quoted the OSF intro below:

“OSF stands for Open Source Farming, and it is, as the name might indicate, an open source project. We’re tired of all the waste and inefficiency that occurs in society today. Where most our food is packaged, resulting in a tremendous waste of resources that sometimes poisons our environment. We ship food large distances, even if people are hungry just next door, just because someone else pays more paper for it. We think that everybody should have easy access to healthy food with little effort.

So our goal is to give everybody the information needed to grow their own food in an as easy and cheap way as possible, as well as giving everyone the tools to help contribute to the same thing.”

And now this open source lawyer is off to lunch!

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