Posted by: commonsresource | March 16, 2010

“Entersource” – beam us up

Today’s post by Eric Knorr in his Infoworld “Modernizing IT” blog is entitled “Open source: Less profit, more fun“.  He begins his blog by stating that “Open source ain’t what it used to be. It’s both more and less.”  On the more side, Eric quotes the Black Duck Software statistic that over 19,000 open source projects started in 2009.  On the less side, he points out the challenges of being an open source start-up in current economic environment in relation to both the difficulty of generating support revenue and lack of venture funding.

But even more of the more is found in what Michael Skok of North Bridge Venture Partners has called “entersource”. According to Eric’s blog, Michael sees entersource “chiefly as a means for collaborative development”.  This exploding trend of commons sourcing is increasing reflected in the fact that “enterprise developers are collaborating across company boundaries to develop components that can be shared under open licenses”.  The future is here today and entersource is standing by to beam us up!


  1. […] Savio’s analysis dovetails nicely with my “Entersource” – beam us up post back in March with its emphasis on the power of “collaborative development” and […]

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