Posted by: commonsresource | March 15, 2010

It isn’t easy being a nonprofit

Earlier this month, I came across an interesting blog post on the Nonprofit Technology Network website.  In the post, Greg Heller of CivicActions was interviewed in advance of his “Working with Open Source Software and Vendors” session at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Atlanta early next month.  Greg was asked a series of 5 questions starting with “What’s the most important trend in nonprofit technology for 2010?”  Not surprisingly, he led off with Free and Open Source Software and identified the following two things that he wanted attendees to remember from his upcoming session: “Free and Open Source Software is mature, robust and enterprise ready. Choosing the right vendor for your organization is important as your vendor will, in a big way, define your experience of the tools.”

Perhaps most surprising, is Greg’s answer to the fourth question:  “Which Muppet do you most identify with and why?” While I do understand his rationale, I am still somewhat taken aback that he choose Gonzo and it now has me thinking about my answer to this very important question (which I promise to return to in a future post!)  In the meantime, while it certainly isn’t easy being a nonprofit (or green!) in an era of declining public and private funding, I fully agree that embracing open source software and other commons sourcing strategies can certainly help.


  1. […] Muppet do I most identify with and why Back in my March 15, 2010 post entitled “It isn’t easy being a nonprofit“, I promised to answer the ”Which Muppet do you most identify with and why?” question. […]

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