Posted by: commonsresource | March 8, 2010

The ultimate commons sourcing machine?

While it is belied by my current modest choice in transportation, I really am a car guy. And my decision to pass up the purchase of a pristine low mileage BMW 2002tii back in my university days is one of my automobile wounds that will never heal!

Returning to the theme of commons sourcing, there was a very interesting post in last week’s CNET cartech blog entitled “Group promotes savings with open-source software“.  The Automotive News article discusses the Genivi Alliance which has brought together a group of major automakers (including BMW!) and suppliers to focus on the collaborative development of middleware. This middleware, which allows “various kinds of information and entertainment applications to work together in the car”, is based on shared basic software development (and bug fix sharing) on the Linux operating system.  In the words of Genivi Secretary Kyle Walworth, a senior manager at Visteon, “Automotive will never drive the consumer market. The consumer market moves so rapidly that we must grab that open source.”

More radical example of automotive commons sourcing in the open source hardware space, can be found in the OScar, Light Car – Open Source, and c,mm,n projects.  In each of  these instances, commons sourcing principles and methodologies are being applied in the collaborative design of cars.   While time will tell whether a community can create an ultimate driving machine,  it is exciting to see that the commons sourcing machine is finding a place in the automotive world.

If only it could find me a 1975 BMW 2002tii….

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